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Let the waters pour over the past.
Let the fires burn our passions for the future.
Let us be true to ourselves today, for good.

It is our hearts that guide us into our dreams.
It's the light of others love that lifts us from our troubles.
So to deny either one will send you down a darken path.

Those who know who you are, look for your inspiration.
Those, whom have yet to see themselves, look in the eyes of your friends.
For in those eyes lies your true self.
For those lost souls whom think there are no friends to be found,
You are mistaken.
They are the ones who care that hold a friendly kind of heart.
This one I wrote in '04, during high school. The photo also taken around that time.

I wrote this because during that time I had met a lot of people and they always seemed so down about something. I just wanted to write it in hopes that it would encourage them. I never did let them read it...mostly because I thought it was stupid.
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November 8, 2010
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